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Check out Ken Priebe's ‘The Advanced Art of Stop Motion Animation’. Some of my Puppet work and Animation Career is featured. Crazy! I just sent everyone in my family a copy of the book.


"I have been drawn to things in miniature ever since I can remember. I am all about the tiny details. The smallest thing I ever built was a pair of dentures for a tooth fairy puppet that measured 9mm wide by 3mm high."

Though I have done many varied things in my career one central theme always remains.To Celebrate. To Communicate. & To Connect.Whether in theatre, film or design, my goal is to reach out to my audience and engage them, entertain them, inspire them, and move them.

Design and Fabric remain two constants in my life. From when I first went to University for Costume Studies at Dalhousie University, to building soft props and puppets for television the two have often intertwined. I have also been told that my paper designs look like fabric. Go figure.

My love is in the details. For me, it is the details that make the difference, make something special and more than just an image or object. They make it a labour of love.

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